If you’re thinking of upgrading your tech career, Danaher may not be the first place that comes to mind. Despite the fact that we beat the S&P 500 by more than 5,000% over the last 25 years, we aren’t a household name. So why join us? While our brand flies under the radar, our success is driven by continuous improvement and world-class execution. And Danaher Digital, home to our digital innovators and accelerators, is leading initiatives with as much impact as any company in Silicon Valley.

At Danaher Digital, we accelerate the discovery and delivery of digital business models and digital-first offerings in partnership with Danaher’s 20+ operating companies, or OpCos—leaders in the life sciences, medical diagnostics, water safety, and product ID spaces. Every day we employ emerging technologies, including machine learning, AI, big data fabrics, connectivity, IoT, and cloud to build disruptive apps, platforms, and services that deliver transformative experiences for our customers.

Personally, the magnitude of the opportunity to make a lasting, significant impact—on Danaher Digital, our OpCos, and the world—is what drew me here. And as we grow our teams in Silicon Valley and Bangalore, we’re looking for founding team members to help us realize our audacious ambitions. To help you decide if a role on our team is right for you, here are the top five reasons why I joined:


From cancer diagnosis to water quality, Danaher is helping to tackle some of the most important challenges facing the world today. Where else but Danaher Digital could you work shoulder-to-shoulder with the best and brightest in industry-leading OpCos that enable their customers to develop life-saving gene therapies and help protect coral reefs? 

Here’s an example of the kinds of problems we are solving: We could help save many lives if we could more quickly diagnose life-threatening illnesses, possibly even predicting when and where an outbreak will happen. At Danaher Digital we have the opportunity to leverage emerging disruptive digital technology to help our OpCos in the diagnostics markets do just that.

At other OpCos, we’re leveraging IoT, AI, and big data to expedite the pace of scientific research, aiming to dramatically reduce the time it takes to move from scientific experiments to new drugs or therapies. We’re also enabling digital and data transformations that help protect precious resources and keep our global food and water supplies safe.


At Danaher Digital, we work directly with domain experts at each OpCo who are working on the ground in chemistry, medicine, and life and environmental sciences. Our close collaborations allow us to build relationships with the best and brightest in these domain sciences—teaching them and learning from them simultaneously. If you wanted to innovate in these domains at any purely digital or software company, you’d end up needing to partner with a company like one of Danaher’s OpCos. Here, we’re all one team. Danaher Digital team members go on-site alongside OpCo partners to meet with hospital administrators, lab diagnostic supervisors, scientists, and water experts to gather direct feedback and inform new software solutions. 

The way Danaher Digital collaborates with each OpCo depends on where they are in their digital journey. We might start by brainstorming about what’s possible in the market, then put together a proof of concept, then build a platform to make their jobs easier or more effective. In our breast cancer diagnostic work, for example, OpCo domain scientists focus on creating the best diagnostic equipment, while we look for opportunities to use AI and machine learning to better interpret the radiology and pathology reports that equipment will produce.


In order to help transform Danaher’s OpCos—to enable them to disrupt rather than be disrupted—we need to think and act like entrepreneurs. To succeed at Danaher Digital, you’ll need to be comfortable with ambiguity, risk, and structure that we build from the ground up. If you’re looking for a big name brand where you just follow the blueprint, this isn’t the right place for you.

To make sure visionaries, disruptors, and change agents thrive at Danaher Digital, we are creating a culture built on experimentation, iteration, and calculated risk-taking. Although our structures, leadership, and support systems draw on the proven practices of our parent company, we recognize that we must be even more agile than our competitors and customers. Together we will define new cultural practices and processes specific to Danaher Digital that will serve its mission of innovation and acceleration. Doing this requires comfort with discomfort, and the courage to embrace ambiguity. 


We designed Danaher Digital to build, grow, and nurture the entrepreneurial and startup mindsets and behaviors that are the foundation of Danaher’s success. If you join now, you’ll essentially be a founding member, helping to architect and lead our next innovations and ensure they succeed. Many of the people we’re hiring now will be the first in their role, and they’ll be expected to develop frameworks and processes as we grow, as well as to hire and mentor new team members.

Danaher is committed to giving us the time and space to define and deliver on our vision and objectives. Although we need to continue to meet our ambitious goals, Danaher understands that transforming century-old industries takes courage and patience as well as a clear vision. 


Of course, we can’t grow Danaher Digital if we don’t grow each member of our team. Our work across a wide range of industries offers endless opportunities to learn by doing, and because we’re relatively new, there’s no shortage of interesting problems to explore. Like all companies in the Danaher family, we also provide more formal structures to drive your career growth. These include development plans with short- and long-term goals for each employee; formal coaching and training such as kaizens, boot camps, and workshops; and chances to tackle cross-functional projects and take on stretch roles. We also have a strong practice of promoting from within—as Danaher Digital grows, we know that many of our foundational hires today will be our key leaders tomorrow.

In short, rather than thinking about applying for a job here, I encourage you look at it as if you are applying instead for a career. You’re joining us on a journey—one that we hope will take you, Danaher Digital, our OpCos, our customers, and ultimately the rest of the world wherever we want to go. We have big goals, and we’ll need grit and drive to achieve them. If you’re looking to join a team not because it’s already successful, but because you want to drive its success, Danaher Digital may be the place for you.


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