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Become a founding team member at Danaher Digital and see your work change companies, industries, and lives all over the world.

Get in on the ground floor of groundbreaking

If you’re eager to make your mark, Danaher Digital is the place for you. We’re an accelerator for digital innovation with growing teams in Silicon Valley and Bangalore, where we’re driving the discovery and delivery of digital-enabled offerings and business models. In partnership with the 20+ operating companies that sit within Danaher—a Fortune 200 science and technology company with a global reach and impact—we apply emerging disruptive technologies to help realize life’s potential in diverse markets.

Why Danaher Digital?

Startup agility, corporate commitment

As a digital incubator and accelerator, Danaher Digital provides a unique opportunity for the entrepreneurially minded: a small, fast-paced, trailblazing team strengthened by the stability and growth opportunities of a large company. Danaher beat the S&P 500 by more than 5,000% over the last 25 years in large part because of the never-ending cycle of innovation that binds together our operating companies.

As part of Danaher Digital, you’ll benefit from that same cycle of innovation—while pushing to evolve it even further. You’ll also join a team with a commitment to accelerating innovative and transformative solutions, a shared passion for learning, and a recognition that our biggest wins come from teamwork.

Impossible ideas wanted

If you’ve ever been told your ideas were too “risky,” “bold,” or “unrealistic”; if you’re comfortable with the uncomfortable and thrive in ambiguity; if you love defining the undefined and structuring the unstructured, you’ll fit right in at Danaher Digital. If you’re looking for a low-stakes, fully defined role where you can quietly coast—we suggest you look elsewhere. We have a big opportunity and success is not a foregone conclusion. We are looking for bold go-getters with entrepreneurial mindsets who have the grit and drive to create success.

Interesting challenges every day

As a digital incubator and accelerator serving 20+ companies across the life sciences, water quality, medical diagnostics, and product identification industries, we’re solving a wide array of big problems. On any given day you could be working on a project that will be used to protect natural resources, support genetic research, promote product and food safety, or accelerate cancer prevention and diagnosis.

A launchpad for personal growth

Although Danaher Digital is still young, it comes with well-established perks. As part of Danaher, we have access to numerous skills-boosting training programs and a proven system for career growth. And like all Danaher companies, we are committed to developing and growing our associates' careers.

A few of our team members

Sai  Allavarpu

VP & General Manager


Shamik Dasgupta

Senior Director,
Digital Accelerator Leader


Nimrod Ohad

Head of IoT, Cloud, & Edge


Naveen Sabapathy

Head of Data & Analytics


Naresh Krishnamoorthy

Team Lead, IoT Software Engineering, India


Senda Gopalakrishnan

Platform Product Manager


Vishwas Mehta

Data Engineer


Shay Kazemlou

Data Scientist


Kelley Washington

Sr. Manager, Corporate HR


Help us meet life’s potential

We’re solving problems that matter on a global scale and that improve everyone’s lives. How do you want to make the world a better place? Drug discovery? Safe drinking water? Patient care? Resource conservation? Whatever you care most about, chances are the best and the brightest in Danaher’s operating companies are tackling it.

At Danaher Digital, you’ll have the opportunity to radically accelerate digital innovation and transformation. Although our operating companies are market leaders, they have the humility and foresight to recognize the opportunities and risks that emerging technologies and challengers pose. That’s why they’re leaning on Danaher Digital to creatively leverage AI, machine learning, cloud, connected technologies (IoT), mobile, and automation technologies to help them out-disrupt the disrupters.

Diagnosing disease

Sepsis, which affects 30 million people worldwide, is a life-threatening condition caused by the body’s response to infection. When diagnosed early, patients with sepsis often make a full recovery—if allowed to progress to severe states, sepsis leads to death in 4 out of 10 people. Beckman Coulter’s first-of-its-kind, hematology-based cellular biomarker helps doctors identify patients with sepsis faster than ever before, putting millions of people on a fast road to recovery.

Clean air, water, and medications

Filtration, separation, and purification—which Pall’s products provide to its life sciences and industrial customers—probably aren’t first on your list when you think of exciting technology. But consider the array of life-shaping processes that rely on them: protecting on-board oxygen generation systems for the military; purifying injectable medications like vaccines and insulin; scaling gene therapy treatments; manufacturing the microprocessors, flash memory and DRAM chips that make smartphones ‘smart.’

Genomic analysis in space

To live and work in space, astronauts must be able to identify infections, detect environmental contaminants, and monitor food and water—all of which benefit from genomic analyses. In the past, those analyses couldn’t be conducted until a research team returned to Earth. With the help of IDT’s probes and primers, a new lab at the International Space Station demonstrated the ability to conduct molecular biology experiments in the weak “microgravity” of space, an important step forward for space travel and habitation.

Biodegradable food labels

Have you ever thought about the small labels stuck to every fruit and vegetable you buy? They tell you the producer and whether the item is organic, and tell the cashier the price. And they are yet another source of paper waste filling up our landfills. Videojet allows the same information to be printed directly onto fruits and vegetables with a food-safe, eco-friendly ink—keeping millions of tiny labels out of the trash.

Visionaries wanted

We’re hiring founding team members, including our core technical team of more than 25 associates located in Bangalore. Take a look at our current openings and apply today.

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